Discrimination Law

discrimination laws in Maine

Discrimination Law

Discrimination is prevalent throughout the State of Maine in various forms – gender, race, workplace, age, disability, religion, national origin, and many more. Workplace discrimination has become prevalent in recent years, stemming from a number of sources, including workers’ relationships with one another to how bosses treat their employees. Discrimination in the workplace can be defined as “giving one group preferential treatment or denying another group treatment based on some external factor out of the person’s control.” Nichols & Tucker have seen many different types of discrimination and understand how complicated it can be to address.

Maine’s Discrimination Law Protects You

Maine has laws in place to protect workers from discrimination and echoes many of the Federal mandates that no employer can discriminate against an employee or terminate their services on the basis of specific characteristics (like the ones mentioned above). Similarly, these laws hold true for promotions and hiring through preferential treatment and pay scale. As you can imagine, this is incredibly hard to prove, even if you know it’s true. Trying to go up against a company can be like David vs Goliath, and it could end up ruining your professional career for the rest of your life.

There can be compensation for discrimination if an individual proves that they have been blatantly discriminated against in a way that in unjust. Compensation can range from deserved wages all the way up to millions of dollars – it is not uncommon for the courts to “make an example” of a larger company in order to scare other businesses from walking that line. Reasons for this compensation include wrongful termination and deserved promotion / raise.

Sexual Harassment Can Be Discrimination

Also in the realm of workplace discrimination is sexual harassment. Often times, these offenses go hand in hand – especially with people in a position of power. The harmful behavior can put the victim in an extremely difficult situation where they feel as though they are trapped, draining the employee of work and emotional energy. It is important to know that this is against the law and that the perpetrator needs to be brought to justice. Know that no one is alone in this situation – by calling a lawyer that understands just how delicate this situation is can get someone out of this cycle of harassment.

Though it is often easy to recognize, discrimination is often difficult to prove. Having an experienced attorney that understands Maine’s discrimination laws will make all the difference. Remember that the company is going to have a full team of lawyers against you, digging up your past and framing you in a way that not only makes you look bad but can also ruin your professional career. You need proper representation for your protection.

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