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Legal Assistant Joanne Deering

Joanne Deering is the Legal Assistant and backbone of the law firm. She began her career working in the criminal division of the Cumberland County Courthouse in 1990 where she gained extensive knowledge on court process and procedure over the next ten years. Joanne was highly praised from judges, clerks and co-workers at the Court and was promoted to supervisor before leaving to join the law firm.

In 2000, Joanne brought her knowledge in procedural law and her court system experience to Attorney Matthew Nichols’s criminal defense firm. Today, attorneys Nichols and Tucker depend on her to ensure every case is moving forward and stays on track. Joanne coordinates filing deadlines for all casework in both state and federal courts.

Joanne is pivotal in building client relationships at Nichols & Tucker, and she enjoys this aspect of her role the most. She quickly allays the fears and apprehensions of the firm’s clients by reversing their ‘unknowns’ and answering questions with thorough, straightforward communication.

“I walk our clients through the procedural process by answering as many of their questions as I can, as many times as they ask. Knowing what’s going to happen next, or what will normally take place procedurally over the next few steps in their case, really gives them a sense of relief. Sharing my knowledge of what’s going to happen helps educate our clients so they understand the systems their cases are moving through.”

As a leading OUI defense firm, Joanne helps Nichols & Tucker clients deal with the many moving parts of an OUI/DUI case. She is always willing to share her extensive knowledge of DMV procedure, the DEEP program, and the court process.

People can experience high levels of stress when facing serious criminal charges, and often forget the information their attorney previously shared with them. “That’s okay,” says Joanne.

“I’m here to reinforce that information and to walk them through the steps, no matter how often they need to ask.”

Joanne readily communicates her abundant knowledge of court and DMV procedure to the firm’s clients. According to the partners and clients alike, she is a Godsend who continues to be the foundation of the law firm.

Joanne competed in the 2018 Tri for a Cure Triathlon supporting Maine’s cancer foundation. She had the full support of her family, friends and was recognized by Attorneys Matthew Nichols & Sarah Churchill with a wonderful press release.

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