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Nichols & Tucker – Expert Portland Criminal Defense Lawyers

Maine’s Criminal Law system enforces laws specific to the State and does so to the utmost extent. Despite the obvious complexities of the criminal law system, the overall message is the same – if you break the law, there will be action held against you. Portland criminal defense lawyers Nichols & Tucker help those accused of a crime to understand exactly what happens within this framework so that justice is served the right way and the integrity of the state is upheld.

The Maine’s criminal laws are published annually within 90 days of the end of each legislative session to include the following:

  • public laws
  • private and special laws
  • resolves
  • constitutional resolutions
  • joint study orders
  • Reviser’s  Report
  • Initiated bills, if any, that became law or that received passage during the immediately preceding legislative session.

Maine Criminal Code 17-A lists the various laws under four parts:

(1) General Principles

(2) Substantive Offenses

(3) Sentencing

(4) Revision of Criminal Laws

The Reviser’s Office cannot provide legal advice or interpretation of Maine law to the public. If you need legal advice, you need to consult an expert attorney qualified in Maine criminal defense. 

Criminal law accounts for a most lawsuits that are not considered “civil law”. Criminal law deals with the prosecution of an individual or a group who is believed to have committed a crime, whereas a civil case deals with individuals, groups, or corporations who would like to settle disputes with another individual, group or corporation. Civil prosecutions can only be measured in terms of money or property, while criminal cases can lead to incarceration in jail as well.

In order to understand the types of cases heard in the court, including general judiciary and the others specific to Maine courts, you can refer to the Judicial Branch Citizen’s Guide.  The Guide is intended to be helpful to citizens generally and in particular to whoever wishes to know about the judiciary as well as to the clients and witnesses. The guide is available online as well as in the administrative offices of the courts.

How Portland Criminal Defense Lawyers Nichols & Tucker Can Help You

When you are deciding whether you can handle a situation on your own (as opposed to going to an attorney) you need to consider the complexity and interpretations of the law more than ever.

If you are on the verge of losing your rights, for example, you need a defense attorney’s guidance. It’s not worth risking it and failure to comply with the law could cost you – big time.

There may be cases which you can handle by yourself, and there are cases which you cannot. Be honest with yourself when making the decision about choosing a criminal lawyer – is it really worth not having qualified representation?

Do you really feel confident that you can maneuver and defend yourself through the entire process?

Having someone with you during criminal proceedings can not only put your mind at ease, it can save you from jail.

When deciding on which defense lawyer will be best for you, look for experience and someone who has worked with cases similar to your own.

A criminal attorney who is familiar with Maine State laws can save you money and get you positive results.

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