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assault criminal defense in Maine

Assault is a serious crime, as it is one of the most violent. The criminal charges involved can be very complicated for the defendant and for the overall case – one misstep and someone being prosecuted for assault could find themselves behind bars. Nichols & Tucker have dealt with many assault cases and are ready to fight for you.

Third Degree Assault – Misdemeanor

Both state and federal courts are strict on assault cases and have developed a tiered system to measure the different levels of charges. A minor charge is the misdemeanor assault or the Third Degree Assault, which require proof that some kind of pain was inflicted on the alleged victim. Though Third Degree Assault is only a misdemeanor, conviction can still lead to a sentencing of up to two years in jail. Having a well-qualified lawyer can give you the best odds of absolving that sentence, or at least dropping it to the minimal amount. Understanding how to challenge the evidence against you will help you avoid conviction and maintain your rights as a defendant.

Second Degree Assault – Felony

Second Degree Assault is a criminal charge against someone who has knowingly used a weapon or inflicted serious bodily injury. In this case, serious bodily injury is defined as lacerations, broken bones, wounds, or other injuries that would impede daily life. Second degree assault is a serious charge, also known as Felony Assault. If a defendant is convicted, the penalty can result in incarceration of up to sixteen years. There are different kinds of Second Degree Assault charges that carry different penalties, and an attorney from Nichols & Tucker can explain all the finer points of the charges in detail.

First Degree Assault – Class A Felony

First Degree Assault is the most serious of all charges as it implies the use of deadly force in a pre-meditated way. Oftentimes this is done through the use of weapons or firearms, such as a gun, knife, or blunt object. First degree assault can also be charged if the defendant is said to have transmitted or infected someone with an immunodeficiency virus (as defined by the State), along with any other toxic substance or concoction. In short, first degree assault will be presented to the court if there is a death or serious injury inflicted with some sort of motive suspected. There is virtually no excuse to refuse a lawyer’s services if you are being charged with a Class A Felony, as the State will put large amounts of resources behind the case and potential outcome could be life in prison.

Get An Assault Lawyer

Assault is serious. There are many complicated, confusing laws regarding assault in Maine, and Nichols & Tucker can help you. Often there will be extenuating circumstances to your case such as someone provoking you. Having qualified representation with the judge can lead to a reduction or dismissal of charges. By presenting evidence that illustrates that you did not meet the criteria for second or first degree assault, an experienced attorney can have any of the above charges dropped down to misdemeanors or less.

If you have been charged with any kind of assault, contact us immediately. Not doing so could have very serious ramifications.

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