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The law firm of Nichols & Tucker has extensive legal defense experience in Maine drunk driving cases representing citizens accused of operating under the influence — also referred to as OUI, DUI, and DWI. If you have been charged with drunk driving, your driver’s license and/or right to operate a motor vehicle in the State of Maine may be in jeopardy prior to your first court date. You should contact an attorney immediately to protect your rights. Nichols & Tucker provides free initial consultations to discuss the facts of your OUI, DUI, or DWI case. From experience, we know the majority of Maine drunk driving cases can be successfully resolved without the need of a jury trial, but see below for descriptions of some of our OUI cases that did:

Charge:Blood/Alcohol Content:Issues:
Case 1:Scarborough OUI Arrest.14% BACInterfering Chemicals
Case 2:OUI Arrest: Driving a Motorcycle.15% BACImproper Administration of Breath Test
Case 3:Prior OUI ConvictionREFUSALLack of Credibility of Police and Lay Witnesses
Case 4:OUI Arrest with Police Negligence.21% BACImproper Calibration of Intoxilyzer and Lack
of Credibility of Police
Case 5:“Erratic Operation” OUI Case.17% BACRadio Frequency Interference-Cell Phone
Case 6:Acid Reflux Disease Case.15% BACAcid Reflux Disease
Case 7:Large Truck OUI CaseREFUSALPolice Misconduct
Case 8:Breath Test “Lack of Specificity” Case.14% BACInterfering Chemicals
Case 9:Slurred Speech OUI CaseREFUSALLack of Credibility of Police
Case 10:Residual Mouth Alcohol Case.15% BACChewing Tobacco in Mouth and Lack of Credibility of Police
Case 11:Unreliable OUI Test.09% BACImproper Administration of Intoxilyzer
Case 12:Test Margin of Error Case.10% BACRetrograde Extrapolation-Recent Alcohol Consumption
Case 13:Admitted Drinking OUI Case.17% BACBleeding Gums, Residual Mouth Alcohol, Periodontal Disease
Case 14:Blacked Out OUI CaseREFUSAL3rd Offense, Prosecutorial Incompetence
Case 15:Third OUI OffenseREFUSAL3rd Offense, Lack of Credibility of Police
Case 16:Prescription Medicine and Alcohol Case.05% BACExclusion of evidence of consumption of prescription drugs
Case 17:Field Sobriety Test Performance CaseREFUSALValidity of field sobriety tests/requested attorney for breath test
Case 18:Masonry Chemicals Interference Case.16% BACInterfering chemicals
Case 19:Required 15-Minute Observation Period.17% BACFifteen minute observation period. Residual mouth alcohol contamination
Case 20:Nonresident OUI CaseREFUSALGood driving vs. poor field sobriety tests
Case 21:OUI Case: Incriminating Evidence SupressedREFUSALMotion to suppress evidence, zero tolerance, prior conviction, refusal
Case 22:OUI Test Interference:
Chewing Tobacco (Dip)
.16% BACChewing tobacco, lack of credibility of police, invalid sample, residual mouth alcohol
Case 23:Refusal of Intoxilyzer TestREFUSALLack of operation of motor vehicle, refusal, lack of credibility of lay witnesses
Case 24:Cell Phone Interference
OUI Test
.12% BACRadio frequency interference, residual mouth alcohol
Case 25:Casco Bay Bridge OUI.10% BACMargin of error, validity of field sobriety tests
Case 26:Passed Field Sobriety Test.10% BACMargin of error, validity of field sobriety tests
Case 27:OUI Arrest in a Hyperglycemic State.19% BACDiabetes, hyperglycemia and interfering chemicals, commercial
Case 28:Police Negligence: Skewed Breathalyzer Test.19% BACPoor testing, DVD proof
Case 29:OUI – RefusalREFUSALHow does an Intoxylizer work?
Case 30:Out-of-State Driver OUIREFUSALLack of Credibility of Police Officer
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