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The experienced criminal defense attorneys at Nichols & Tucker represent citizens accused of engaging in all types of criminal activity. We handle cases in all state and Federal courts throughout the state of Maine. Initial consultations and legal advice are provided free of charge. The majority of our criminal cases are successfully resolved without the need of a jury trial, but see below for samples of some court cases that did:

Charge:Maximum Sentence:Issues:
Case 1:Involuntary Manslaughter180 Years in PrisonConcurrent Causation
Case 2:Robbery and Theft21 Years in PrisonForensic Evidence
Case 3:Attempted Murder
Aggravated Assault (3 Counts) Tampering with a Victim
71 Years in PrisonLack of Credibility of Police And Lay Witnesses; Self Defense
Case 4:Robbery40 Years in PrisonLack of Credibility of Police And Lay Witnesses
Case 5:Robbery and Assault41 Years in PrisonNo Intent
Case 6:Arson (3 Counts)120 Years in PrisonTime Lines to Prove Not Guilty
Case 7:Aggravated Assault10 Years in PrisonSelf Defense
Case 8:Trafficking in Drugs5 Years in PrisonPersonal Use
Case 9:Assault364 Days in JailSelf Defense
Case 10:Theft5 Years in PrisonNo Intent
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