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State v. S.H.

Defense Attorney:
Matthew B. Nichols

Maximum Sentence:
40 years (each) on counts I – IV, 10 years on count V

Attempted Murder, Aggravated Assault (3 counts), Tampering with a Victim

Self Defense


Client was accused of stabbing three men in a bar fight. He allegedly attacked one man from behind and plunged a knife into his neck just below his ear, then broke the knife leaving the blade lodged between two cervical disks. Miraculously that man lived but was left a paraplegic. With the jagged remaining blade Client slashed another man’s face just missing his carotid artery. The third alleged victim was slashed and stabbed in the chest. Approximately 20 witnesses, many eyewitnesses, testified for the state (including all alleged victims). They said the attack was unprovoked and that Client had earlier threatened to kill a witness against him in a pending trial. They also testified that Client was an “enforcer” for the Hell’s Angels. The defense called one witness, Client, to present evidence of self-defense.


Not guilty on all counts.

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