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dog bite compensation

Throughout the US, millions of dogs are either abused or neglected, accounting for one of the biggest reasons why the animals attack innocent people. In fact, about 4.7 million people every year suffer from dog bites, many of which can be fatal. A dog attack in Maine is not something to sweep under the rug – medical damages that come from an animal can be catastrophic and you need to understand the full implications of a dog bite on your legal rights.

Children are Often Victims

What’s worse is that children tend to be attacked more often than adults. Children’s natural curiosity can blind them from seeing dangerous behavior coming from a dog. Playfulness can get a child too close to the dog, leading to a small nip or an aggressive bite. Some dogs are predatory by nature and some breeds are more aggressive than others – combine the genetic disposition of a dog with an owner that may not be treating the dog correctly could lead to disaster. Even the nicest neighborhood dog can easily attack someone without warning.

In recent years, dog fighting has come to the forefront of our society, shedding light on the darker side of dog ownership. These dogs are bred for sport and violence, increasing the chances of their attacking an innocent bystander. Obviously, dog fighting is not the norm, but it is prevalent and is happening in areas all over Maine as well as the rest of the United States. Being aware that not all dogs are friendly is very important when deciding what to do if you are bitten by a dog.

Dog Bites Are Serious

Whenever an animal attacks someone due to the negligence of a pet owner, the animal’s owner is responsible for any bills and damage – approximately one out of every six dog bites requires a doctor’s attention. Medical bills relating to a dog bite can be expensive, and as an innocent person, you should never have to foot that bill yourself.

It is important, however, to realize that many dog owners are defensive of their pets and their pets’ behavior. The owner may try to blame you for provoking the dog and causing the dog bite to happen in the first place. This is where having an attorney step in can be invaluable – the State of Maine is aware of this situation and wants to create a safe environment for its people.

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