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insurance compensation issues

Insurance companies are huge. They are built on the idea of risk and have generated billions of dollars in Maine by betting that someone won’t get sick, get into an accident, or get injured on the job. Their entire business was created on this principle and their salaries are dependent on nothing happening to an insured client because if it does, the insurance company has to pay for it. So – when someone does need the insurance company to pay for something, they better believe that the insurance company is going to do everything in their power to pay as little as possible, if they pay at all.

The insurance industry employs full teams of professionals whose entire job is to find ways to make the lowest payments possible. They are not concerned with someone’s well being – they are concerned how much it costs. The red tape and paper work alone that someone has to go through to file an insurance claim beginning to end is enough to give up. Once the claim is successfully filed, proceedings and payouts can take months or years, trying to stretch the process out long enough for the insurance company to make the numbers work.

Denied Claims

One of the most common insurance problems is denied claims. This can happen because someone was found to be at fault, but can also happen because they failed to file technical papers correctly. Either way, the insured victim is stuck footing the entire bill. Insurance companies have situations like this virtually templated so they know exactly how to keep the claim from ever becoming an issue again. The individual who tries to win this fight on their own is fighting a losing battle in a losing war.

Nichols & Tucker have experience in every part of the insurance world and will be able to fight for everything you deserve. It is not acceptable to allow an insurance company to take advantage of someone and deny their justice in order to maximize their profits.

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