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Portland car accident attorney

Car accidents are the leading cause of death by accident in the U.S. and in Maine. Because of this, it’s not surprising that vehicle accidents account for the the largest number of accident claims in courts. Maine’s diverse set of rural roads and highways lead to a wide range of court cases surrounding automobiles – fender benders, parking violations, high speed chases, drunk driving, the list goes on. Southern Maine’s exposure to larger populations and easy access to Interstate 95 can often result in more serious accidents and require serious legal attention.

You Need Protection

Regardless of whether the damage is minor or major, any motorist who suffers personal injury or damage to their car requires legal assistance. Serious bodily injury can lead to long-term medical problems, along with missed work. Getting into an auto accident isn’t about the insurance companies or about making the violator pay – it’s about protecting yourself. You need to understand that your future is in jeopardy if you are involved in a serious auto accident.

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You Deserve Compensation

car accident lawyer

Car accidents are expensive. You need to repair your car, pay for medical bills, lost work, etc. Who’s going to pay for that? Are you just going to wait for the insurance company to help you out? You need to be realistic that, when it comes to paying for these types of situations, insurance companies are fundamentally designed to pay you as little as possible. Period. They will never give you a penny more than they could. Expect 10-20% of the true cost of the car accident.

The Attorneys at Nichols & Tucker are experienced in getting the insurance companies and parties involved in the car accident to pay up. They will do everything in her power to get the money you deserve – with a long history of proven success that can put you at ease during this traumatic period, especially if you are not able to get up and represent yourself (if, say, you’re in the hospital or have no car).

Act Immediately – For Your Own Sake

Car accidents without injuries may not need a lawyer. If you run over the trash can or your teenager backs into the garage, then that is an insurance issue. But if you are a law abiding citizen and are involved in a car accident, you are being irresponsible if you try to act alone. If there are any sort of injuries, the urgency increases.

Remember – the other person in the accident is probably getting a lawyer. You think they’ll take it easy on you?

The long-term implications of not getting what you deserve can be devastating. There are victims all over Maine that have been ruined because they did not hire a lawyer experienced in car accident injuries as soon as it happened – they waited.

You Pay Nothing

The entire cost of the defense comes from the settlement, not out of your pocket. YOU are the victim. The person who caused the car accident and your personal injury will be paying the bill, not you.

Portland Personal Injury Law Firm

When you are in an accident, be sure to understand the kind of lawyer you are hiring. Just because someone refers a lawyer to you does not mean they understand the deep complexities of car accidents and personal injury law. Also don’t waste your time looking in the Yellow Pages and looking for the biggest, brightest advertisement. You’ll be treated like a number and will not get the personal attention you deserve.

Nichols & Tucker are focused on Maine, specifically Southern Maine, and the unique court system that surrounds these areas. They know the courts, the judges, and the other lawyers – they understand what it takes to win with car accident cases. Don’t waste your time, hire a team that will win.

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