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Motorcyclists, by nature, have higher probability of being involved in a accident than auto drivers. Similarly, these accidents are much more likely to cause injury:

  • Motorcycles have no frame to protect the rider
  • Speeds are typically higher than automobiles in accidents
  • Increased risk of ejection from motorcycle
  • Increased risk of sliding after accident
  • Increased risk of hitting something after the accident due to carried speed

Motorcycle accidents are also unique in that they tend to have longer recovery periods – the accidents affect the victim in such a way that it leaves their body and mind in a state that requires in-depth rehabilitation. These injuries can range from scrapes and bruises all the way up to a broken back. Over 80% of motorcycle accidents (reported) result in some sort of injury for the rider. Those are serious numbers and require attention.

Improving Trends in Motorcycle Accidents

In Maine, there has been an overall positive trend in motorcycle accidents in the last 20 years because of improved safety standards and better safety equipment. There has also been greater awareness among motorcycle riders about the dangers of erratic driving, which has helped keep the injury rate from skyrocketing. This is not to say that motorcycle accidents are going away. Rather, they are reflecting a trend that improves safety levels.

It is important, however, to know that this can sometimes lead to an attitude of invincibility, resulting in higher speeds and recklessness. Though there may be fewer accidents overall, the ones that do happen can be more tragic because of this. When they involve another party, things get complicated very quickly. Whether you are the one driving the motorcycle or are the one who is hit by the motorcycle, you need to contact an expert on motorcycle laws in Maine.

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Nichols & Tucker have comprehensive knowledge and understanding about the prevailing legal environment surrounding motorcycles and be up to speed on rules and regulations. This will go hand in hand with any personal injury claims. The attorneys can also take on the insurance policy terms and conditions. The Nichols & Tucker team will get involved with all types of injuries whether it be a minor injury or serious and catastrophic injuries, such as brain trauma, spinal cord injury, and fatality.

To learn more about motorcycle accidents in the state of Maine and the importance of wearing a helmet, visit our FAQ page.

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